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Impressions from the CeBIT 2007

by Benjamin Nitschke 20. March 2007 05:56
This year we had no booth on the CeBIT and there were no important meetings for us there, so I just ran across the CeBIT yesterday with a couple of friends and I took a lot of photos. Here are my impressions from the CeBIT 2007, I hope you enjoy it.

Let's get started. This is the train ride to the west entrance. It will not be that empty on the way back.

The CeBIT fair ground (photo was taken a little bit later). There were about 25 filled halls with a lot of exhibitors and over 200 000 expected visitors.

The first booth we saw. Not really spectacular, but we started with some boring halls in the beginning and left the entertainment halls for the end.

RFID chips are used to track packages here. The sensors in the front are used to check if a package has left or entered a storage facility. had a booth too and we saw a couple of Linux penguins in that hall too. The usual get 2 CT editions for free abo could be ordered here too. They also had a Sony Play station 3 running Linux on the other side. The funniest thing was some other booth in that hall where some woman announced that you can win a "Sony Play 3 Station ". We laughed our asses off.

Some Chebaba dude or chick was handing out candy.

The big companies SAP and Microsoft almost filled the whole hall 5 together.

Microsoft did not have anything new to show because most of its products have been released in the past months. It will take another 2-3 years for the next cycle. There were only some smaller handheld devices with Windows XP (like the Origami from last year) that looked interesting and a lot about boring business and security. I would have liked to see some info about Longhorn Server.

An Asian woman wanted to take this Audio sport car with her.

This is the data storage server for the whole Microsoft booth. There are 2 rack servers in here and about 24 disk drives. Some guy from Microsoft came over and explained to us that the server got 4 TB data storage and runs several services, all Windows based. But we smiled a little thinking of our little server at home, which is just a normal PC running Windows 2003 x64 (you will need that for any drive bigger than 2 TB), but got 4 TB on a single RAID 5 already, with some other backup and boot drives too. And it is not as noisy as the servers we saw here at the CeBIT.

Some cool relaxing chairs near the AMD business booth. There were a lot of water fountains in hall 1 and 2.

Another server with about 64 disk drives running a Windows Cluster service and there were showing virtualization here and explained how cool it is to have multiple virtual servers, which can balance each other. I did not wanted to spoil them by telling them that using virtual servers will just throw away almost 50% of your performance away. Using it for performance critical applications did not make much sense to me. Again, just 6.1 TB on this data server, not much if you ask me. In a few years everyone will have more memory on their home computers ^^

A blue haired girl at the ASUS booth. I was not sure if she is really from ASUS as she was handing out something to win some Intel stuff. Later I found out all the blue haired girls were from Intel and they were at 8 different booths, which you had to visit to win something boring. I would guess the total number of people how did that was zero. BTW: Did I mentioned that my mainboard that stopped working last week when I came back from the GDC was from ASUS? :-(

A Porsche! There was a PC inside, but for some reason the car was more exciting (and expensive). You could even get a price if you ask, but you know, when you have to ask, you can't afford it anyways.

Racing games all over the place. Why does everyone going to a fair want to play racing games? And why does everyone just show racing games? Man, this is boring! Ups, I did a racing game too, maybe I should be more exciting about this ...

The Samsung booth in hall 1. Samsung is a cool company anyways with all their support for e-sports and their range of cool affordable products, but everyone at this booth was extremely friendly. Most other booth in hall 1 were just focused on business and did not even want to be asked about anything.

A new laptop, which got the new Nvidia GeForce 8000 Go card in it. Coming out in 1-2 months. Pretty exicting. Makes my new laptop with a GeForce 5900 GS look much less impressive.

Here are the specs. If even such a small laptop can have a GeForce 8000 and do DirectX 10 stuff, bigger laptops will have some cool graphic boards too in the future.

The new 30 inch screen from Samsung. It has a better image than the 30 inch Dell, but it is still very expensive and the Dell monitors are much more affordable (especially the 24 inch). The resolution on a 30 inch is great: 2560x1600 ^^

Some guy was zooming in on girls with this new camera, but I was watching the watcher.

Two girls from Intel (again and again, they were all over the place) checking out each other. Not really hot, but getting to it ..

A sphere of monitors at the very unfriendly IBM booth. They had some business people explain the marketing ideas of IBM in Second Live, but they had no idea about the application and their "sims" were empty like no ones else. But who cares, as long as people keep pumping money into "3D worlds and presentations" they will keep going. IMO the Second Life technology is not really perfect for virtual presentations. There is no easy way to login and most of the required technology is not even implemented yet (Second Live does not even have voice support).

This is how the sphere monitors are controlled by the way. Each one has a laptop on its back. I'm not sure this is the best way to do it, but we are still on the IBM booth, no reason to be clever here.

A little later we saw Commodore. Every year someone new buys the name and brings out a couple of shitty products, when will it ever stop? For example they got some "new" 4GB mp3 players with some simple display, which costs 250 bucks. By the way, other companies like Samsung and Creative had similar shitty mp3 players and marketed them as "new" too. The walkman was something new, but everything after that is pretty much the same. I just do not get the point when people start speaking about "taking your music anywhere with you". Are you freaking kidding me?

For that you get a Zune or iPod with 30GB and much better technology. I got a Zune from the GDC by the way and it does not work here in Germany yet. First of all you are not allowed to download or pay for anything when you are not in the US or Canada (the only countries where the Zune is released yet), and then you can't even install the Zune software on a German operating system. There are some hacks to get around some issues and having direct access to the Zune drive (very useful), but they only work on a English windows version or XP. Here is the link if you are in the same trouble.

Did you notice that no booth chicks will look at me when I'm trying to take a picture? I will keep trying till the end of the day ^^ Please also note that we entered the entertainment halls and everything will look more like the Games Convention now.

An Asian RPG game, which has a really cool kill counter in the lower right. The game looked very manga like, but still had realistic graphics. I have to check back what this game was about later.

R2D2 was there too. Actually it was a pretty cool robot that is already available in Japan and it has cameras, can move around and it can blink and beep like the "real" one from the movies.

Hmm, this might look like a completely empty booth, but actually the very exciting dude there was showing invisible devices. Amazing, isn't it?

More cases and a lot of different displays on them. They all cost around 40 bucks, which is not much for computer cases anymore and the quality gets better and better.

The World Cyber Games 2007 Euro Championship was in hall 23 of the CeBIT. But it only was played from the 15. to the 18. March and it was all over when we were going into the hall.

Holy macaroni. This girl from Razer was throwing something at me while I was taking this picture. We could maybe count that as a girl looking at me while I'm taking a picture, but she was out to get me. This does not count, let's go on. And no, I did not catch the bandage.

AMD and ATI (also AMD) were in hall 23 too. Try to find the laptop facing in the wrong direction on this picture!

A cool Formula One racing car, which reminds me of the Speedy Racer Mod of the Racing Game. Ups, I already said too much ...

The ATI chick "Ruby" looks good as always.

And some cool water cooled gear with AMD stuff in it.

And finally some mainboards with AMD chipsets on a wall. Not sure if I would agree with AMD's new slogan "Smarter Choice" as they are currently very much behind the Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs and the Nvidia 8800 GPUs are also much faster than their ATI counterparts!

At the XFX booth the famous Quake world champion "Fatality" was playing against random people. Those two police girls where protecting the gamer area. Some people even wanted be be arrested .. strange people these gamers.

And another picture of those two nice girls. They had to be alert all the time, so I'm ok with them not noticing me taking pictures.

And this is Fatality playing against some random guy. They were playing Quake 4. The announcer had a pretty boring job:
00:00: The match begins ..
00:06: 1 to 0 for Fatality already
00:10: 2 to 0 for Fatality
00:36: 8 to -1 for Fatality ..

Oh no, we are at the Games Convention, aren't we? Just for a t-shirt everyone is going crazy again!

Now that is a pretty cool mouse. Mine can not do anything like that, I'm happy when it even works at all.

More cases, much more cases!

Power supplies and cases, almost like in a computer shop, just the prices are missing.

In hall 24 we saw a lot of hardware vendors, mainly for mainboards, graphic cards, power supplies and coolers. Zalman has really grown big. They got so many new products.

They do not only have coolers, power supplies and water cooling systems, but also cases like this one: The Z-Machine!

G.Skill memory. DDR3 and faster memory with 900Mhz, 1000+ MHz and more coming soon.

A pretty cool looking server mainboard for 2 CPUs and 16 memory slots, uffa!

Something is missing here? A nicely build PC with corsair ram and LEDs on them is there. A keyboard is there too and even speakers, but where the hell does the gamer look at? At a white wall?

DDR3 memory is coming. No, it is nothing really new, graphic cards have that already, but now the big memory sticks for the mainboards are going to be faster too. Also notice the cool looking cooler and the 8800 GTX build in here. I guess it is a Core 2 Duo system too, probably the X6800, which is still very expensive. The prices will drop in April however. Exciting times to come.

More stuff from Gigabyte. The hall was filled with hardware vendors, but we were tired and had not much power left walking through every single booth. For a more complete view about the halls 23-25 check out Guru3D's review of the CeBIT 2007. They have a lot of cool pictures too and more technical details.

HAH! Another Intel chick and this time I got her just as she was quickly moving forwad. Not only did I get her sharply while the world around her blurs away, she is also looking at me and smiling. Mission accomplished for today.

Professor Intel explains why everyone needs a X6800 quad core CPU for games today, when over 95% of all games do not even care if you have two cores. But still, even a single core from a Intel Core 2 system is much faster than anyone else can give you.

More cases .. Wasn't Apogee the software publisher behind Commander Keen and older jump and run games? That logo does look quite different.

Some big piece of cooling equipment. Not sure if that even fits in a normal desktop. But it is all passive and while mainboards are cooled passively too and the power supplies are very silent the only noisy part in your PC will probably be the hard discs. Haven't seen silent ones of those in a long time.

More cases .. and what the heck. Another girl is looking? The day can end now. It was not all that bad, but most pictures I took where blurry and when I gone through the photos I have selected for this post, I saw that all the girls from the first half were looking away ^^

Oh no, this poor guy just wanted to take a closer look at these half naked chicks and now he is in real trouble. I better keep going.

And there is the reason to buy a 1000W power supply (e.g. the Galaxy one from Enermax). Ok, you need about 24 hard discs, 4 CPUs and 2 8800 GTX graphic cards to even get to 933W, but does not everyone have such a PC at home? The raid controller here is looking cool, just 6 ports which 4 sata cables coming out of it. I did not know the vendor (BMC or something), but other RAID controller suppliers like Highpoint had similar cards too.

That's it for me. Time to get some rest. Next big fair will be the Games Convention in Leipzig in August, but there are a few smaller conferences till then and I will keep shooting photos :-)

The Dungeon Quest Game

by Benjamin Nitschke 16. March 2007 13:19
I originally wanted to finish this at Monday or Tuesday, but I had not enough time this week to improve much on the Dungeon Quest game. Many of the cool features of the game were already implemented in some unit tests at the GDC like splitscreen support and shadow mapping, but we had not time to test and finetune all that. There were also a lot of bugs and smaller issues in the beta version. Below is a long list of all changes and some new screenshots. When the XNA Update is available that allows deploying to the Xbox 360 with just binaries I will provide an updated version that runs on the Xbox 360 too and supports splitscreen multiplayer gaming.

Download the game installer here (40 MB):
Alternative download (slow! from this site):

Note: This game requires a Shader Model 3.0 GPU as it was build for the Xbox 360 and optimized that way. For lower end PCs it pushes way too many polygons each frame anyway so that it will be too slow. If you have a low end SM 3.0 GPU (like the Nvidia GeForce 6600), make sure you run in a lower resolution (see below for details).

Here is a little video from the current version of the game. Enjoy!


Ok, let's get started. What is this guy doing there. He doesn't look very friendly, maybe it is better to hit him in the head!

First quest completed. This key is important to open the door to the second level.

Nonstop fighting action. Well, at least if you don't lose your way.

This is how it looks like after I got angry. I told those guys, don't start any fights!

Ohh no. I did not use all my skills (see right side) and this Ogre killed me too quickly. I guess I have to start over.

The credit screen when the game ends. Notice my book :)

No reason to stop, let's start over and try again. The fight is continuing. The game is not that hard, you just have to use all skills and avoid being hit by fireballs or big enemies when you have low hit points.


  • Improved performance a lot by optimizing some internal code and using all ps3.0 shaders now (sad thing is it only runs with ps3.0 hardware now).
    TIPP: If you have a low spec ps3.0 graphic card (like the GeForce 6600 or lower) use a smaller resolution, the game will run much faster. Use the DungeonQuestSettings.xml file and enter a smaller resolution there (e.g. 800x600). The game is heavily GPU bound (like all my games) and it pushes several million polygons each frame (scene alone has almost a million polygons, but it has to be rendered 3 times for all shadow mapping and post processing effects). Runs on XBox 360 or GeForce 7x hardware very good with 100fps and more.
  • Fixed parallax mapping for the cave and improved the specular effects, looks much nicer now. Also increased view distance and light affect range.
  • Improved the music and sound effects, also added a lot more events and little sounds.
  • Added many text messages to help the player understand the game better
  • Check if computer can do ps 3.0, else shows big message on screen.
  • Support for 64 bit systems (did not start before)
  • Reduced glow in post screen (see comments of beta version)
  • Fixed game logic and quests (did not work at all in the beta)
  • All game actions get a nice message now in the center (killed ogre, got key, quest complete, new weapon, etc.)
  • Implemented several new animations for hitting and dying
  • Fixed text size in 3:4 resolutions (did only look correct in 16:9)
  • Improved gravity (much stronger now) and fixed several collision bugs
  • Fixed collecting key, added it to the UI and also allowing dropping weapons now
  • Allow switching weapons (right/left shoulder buttons or Q/E or Mouse wheel)
  • Selected enemy ring to help you see which enemy is attacted
  • Rumble Xbox 360 controller when hit/getting hit
  • Added end screen and credits with book link, credits
  • Improved weapons, damages and made the game more balanced.
  • Show high score list when game over
  • Mouse support for dungeon quest (shooter like, just asdw for moving)
  • Block door when we don't got key! Also added sphere collision for monsters (they don't intersect anymore)
  • Fixed shadow mapping and added a lot of cool shadow effects and pseudo point light sources.
  • Added nice looking vista compatible icon, also tested the whole game on vista, runs fine :)
  • Added some grunt sounds and an ambient theme in the background!
  • And many more ..
The source code is not yet released. I will probably work a little bit more on on when the XNA Update comes out and then maybe release it. Sorry for now, I know many people want to take a look right now ^^

Rest of GDC Pics

by Benjamin Nitschke 12. March 2007 11:07
Here are some more pictures from the last few days of the GDC. We did not have enough time to go through all the pictures in the last days.

Chris and me are currently working on the last issues with Dungeon Quest, an updated version will be finished soon.

This was at the beginning of Day 3, when we still got over 14 hours left. You can see our sign from the XNA Challenge and a little sign for my upcoming book :)

The Lobby of the Moscone North Building, which was also the XNA Lobby and the place we stayed all day to finish our game. The Gears of War theme music was getting annoying after hearing it a few times, but after hearing it for 4 straight days I guess I need a few weeks of silence before I can ever play Gears of War again ^^

Two of the other teams working hard on their XNA games.

Gabe Ahn from Sony introducing us at the COLLADA round table I was speaking at on Wednesday (left to right): Shaun Leach from Zipper Interactive, Ken Normann from EA (working on the Sims team) and me (some XNA guy from exDream in Germany? ^^)

The panel discussion was good IMO, hopefully more and more people get attracted to COLLADA and start using it for their tools.

The outside world at day 4, it might not look very bright to you, but after 2 days with just 2-3 hours of sleep this looked incredible bright and it was hard to open the eyes out here. But the weather was nice all week and it was warm enough to wear t-shirts all the time except at night.

A picture from Microsoft's XNA Party at Thursday evening. It was still early and we prepared our presentation of the XNA game we did in 4 days: Dungeon Quest. We had many problems in the last two days and just skipped some of our features, but we got it done and it looks really good, especially for the short time frame we had to develop the game.

Christoph and me standing proudly in front of our game at the XNA Party. Many people came and played and congratulated us on the great result.

One final picture from Saturday morning before we were leaving to the airport to head back to Germany. The trip was 25 hours for me and after that I felt as tired as Friday, I probably need to sleep for a week now .. but I got work to do ..

After the GDC

by Benjamin Nitschke 11. March 2007 17:30
Just a couple of quick notes. I have been awake for over 25 hours now (all that traveling) and my PC at home does not like my anymore (it just won't go on). I probably have to repair it first thing tomorrow.

- This server (handling this website) was not prepared for the huge number of people trying to log on here and especially not for all the download request. I added a faster server below for the Dungeon Quest Beta download

- The Dungeon Quest game has not been tested well and we turned many features off (multiplayer splitscreen, xbox testing, some shadow mapping, quest solving, etc.) just to make it run at the party at Thursday. Tomorrow we are going to fix all that issues and test a little bit more and then will release the full version, which is hopefully more fun :)

- I need sleep and a computer that works, grml :(

- All the photos we made will be posted tomorrow too (well, not all, its like 200, but we got some nice ones in the last few days).

Thanks to Microsoft for the contest and opportunity and the GDC was a nice event overall (was Chris and my first time going over there). We did not check out many sessions, but there are many clips on GameTrailers, YouTube and probably a lot of papers from the usual sites (gamedev, nvidia, ati, etc.).

GDC Day 4 - The Game is done

by Benjamin Nitschke 9. March 2007 23:20
Hey everyone, we finally finished the game yesterday for the Microsoft XNA Party here at the GDC.

For some strange reason my main server in germany went offline today and I finally got it up and running again (thanks to Leif, he had to run over to the office and restart the server in the middle of the night ^^).

Here is a little screenshot of the final game. I will post more later and do a video too.

If you want an real early preview of the version so far, you can download it here (with installer and everything, about 38 MB). We will fix some issues today and make an update this weekend. There are many more features we had implemented (splitscreen, shadowing, quest solving), but we removed all that to just make the version run because there were still some issues. Anyway, enjoy the game so far. Thanks for all the nice comments.

Update: Fast Download from new Server: Dungeon Quest Beta (38 MB) (Day 4 GDC version)
Original Server (slow): Dungeon Quest Beta (38 MB) (Day 4 GDC version) (WARNING: slow download from this website)

Tomorrow there will be an update and all the beta issues will be fixed + more features will come, stay tuned!

GDC 2007 - Dungeon Quest - Day 3

by Benjamin Nitschke 8. March 2007 18:36
.. have no time .. got no sleep .. have to finish game today ..

This is the screen from yesterday/this morning (day 3):

Dungeon Quest - Day 2

by Benjamin Nitschke 8. March 2007 06:38
Really short post for yesterday. I had not much time today to post and we are half a day behind. But tonight we are going to improve our game a lot.

Tomorrow I will post another screen for today and talk about what happened today (I spoke at the Collada panel, that was a lot of fun and we took some new pictures).

Our Dungeon Quest Game still looks pretty good and we advancing a lot, at least with the graphics. Keep in mind that we started with nothing, no real engine, I have never done point lights before and all the texture and 3d models were created in the last 2 days.

Some parts of the game are also implemented, but we will still have a lot of work to get all the quests, monsters and AI working properly and there are still some heavy issues like implementing shadow maps indoor with point lights (uff) and I still have no idea how to get the split screen stuff working efficiently.

Here is the screen shot for day 2 (yesterday), it shows the player model and the cave.

Stay tuned, more to come!

GDC 2007 - Dungeon Quest - Day 1

by Benjamin Nitschke 6. March 2007 23:14
Sorry for not blogging yesterday. We were working all day on our game here on the GDC 2007 and it was very noisy and distracting here. If you want to watch us work: We are in the Moscone North Lobby and shouldn't be hard to find. Anyway, I will probably just blog at the morning of the next day for each day here.

Our game is called Dungeon Quest and we are absolutely insane because we want to create a Multiplayer Role Playing Game in just 4 days and we haven't even thought of all the distractions here. I will try to give you a screen per day and tell you want we have done so far.

Yesterday we worked purely on the environment, the level and the general game idea and some smaller details. As I said before we started with nothing, I just created a new project and Christoph did just open up 3DS Max and started working, there are no textures or models we have already done. And we both have never worked on a role playing game before.

In the morning we still had a lot of problems getting our computers up and running (3DS Max wasn't starting, I needed lots of plugins and tools, stuff like that). It usually takes a day or more to set up a development machine in our opinion. Probably a week until you got all the important tools installed you forgot in the first day. Anyway, we finally started to build the cave, create new custom collada exporter for that and placed lights. While Christoph was working on the 3D cave I was getting the engine up and running and noticed that there are many things that have to be done:

  • Like just rendering some text on the screen,
  • Finding a good font for that,
  • Creating a bitmap font,
  • Also making other UI elements (selected monster, health, level up, etc.)
  • Rendering shaders and playing around with point lights
  • Working on many other smaller issues like effects, billboards, vertex formats, etc.
  • Most unit tests require a good camera and testing the cave level itself was very hard, so I already created the ThridPersonCamera class we going to use for this game.
I started with most classes that are required for that and I also could drop in some Texture/Font code from Rocket Commander XNA, but most of the shader and collada import classes had to be created from scratch. Then we spend all evening and even this morning tweaking the shaders, getting all the lights working, adding fog, figuring out how to do 6 complex light passes in one shader, and so on.

Today we will focus on building the main character, getting some collision detection working and some basic game logic (keys, doors, monster state machines, player behaviour and animations). Hopefully I can provide you with a nicer screenshot tomorrow, just an empty level is pretty boring.

And here are some pictures from yesterday for your enjoyment.

This is the lobby of the Moscone North building at the GDC. The GDC Expo hall is below us and on Monday the Serious Games Summit was here, but we hadn't had any time to even check out who is speaking at the actual GDC. At wednesday I will be at some Collada round table speaking about Collada and issues we had with it so far ^^

There are many art galleries here in San Francisco and the Asian population is also huge. It was not hard to find an Asian Art Gallery.

Here you can see an ad for Microsoft's Vista Operating System directly in front of the big Mac building here (seems a lot of people got one here). There is nothing interesting about a Mac for a game developer IMO.

Alcatraz at day time. I already showed you a picture at night earlier.

A view from my desk at the Hotel over San Francisco. Its still impressive every day you wake up ^^

And some picture of a place I don't know the name of. Usually I would look it up, but I have to go back to work. Cya tomorrow!

San Francisco Day 1

by Benjamin Nitschke 4. March 2007 21:39
We arrived yesterday in San Francisco, but we were to tired to upload all the pictures we made (or Christoph made, I just watched him take photos ^^ my cell camera is not that good). But today we got a free day till the GDC, which starts tomorrow. Here you go, enjoy!

Let's go, this is Germany at night, very exciting, isn't it? We started our journey at 4:20 am

If you have read my blog before you already know how the Hanover Airport and Amsterdam airports look like. We did not take much pictures there anyway. The plane ride was long as usual (11 hours alone from Amsterdam to San Francisco) and it was a really long day (~33 hours). This was our plane, a pretty big Boeing 767.

We arrived at our hotel at 3:00 pm and were pretty amazed about the 36 floors.

But then we saw this room. There must be something wrong, we are not the President. The registration gave us the wrong key to a conference room, but we stayed there for a while, took pictures and enjoyed the room and bar ^^

Our rooms were not bad either, pretty nice view over San Francisco.

Our Hotel (The Argent) from below.

And a view over San Francisco at the evening. We spotted the Golden Gate Bridge (right from this picture) and the Alcatraz Island.

And finally San Francisco at night. We were pretty tired by now and I still had to install stuff on my laptop, after merging the 2 HDDs all my data was lost and I had to download and install everything again, but at least the HDDs are faster now (yeah, Raid 0 kamikaze). The Chinese had some parade below us and made some noise, but we were very tired and went to sleep early.

More pictures tomorrow.

Some new Arena Wars Reloaded pics

by Benjamin Nitschke 4. March 2007 21:04
I was quiet busy this week with our current project Arena Wars Reloaded. We got a playable version now, but there are still some issues. It runs fast and uses glsl now (instead of CgFX, which sucks, I will talk about that in a future blog post), there are also some new post processing shaders, but there is still some finetuning to be done.

Here are some screenshots from the version. More to come till the end of march, when we will be done with the game and all new effects, etc.

New snow texture pack and heavy glow, may need a little weaker post screen effect ^^

Fight in Mission 1, water looks cooler now and some new effects, but I was to lazy to play more and go into a later level.

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