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SoulCraft & Windows Azure

by Boje Holtz 16. November 2012 09:31
We just had a wonderful event with Microsoft in the Dark Side Bakery in Berlin. We talked about the technology running in the background of SoulCraft and showed a sneak peek of the upcoming SoulCraft update. Did you know we are using Windows Azure to save the player data, connect all kind of devices (incl. iOS & Android), download server, MP test server, etc.? Cheers, Boje

Delta Engine Articles on

by Benjamin Nitschke 29. November 2011 15:13

Our CEO Karsten was recently interviewed about Multiplatform development. Here is the article on from yesterday:


A few days ago also published an article about our Delta Engine release and iOS, Android and WP7 support:

Enjoy :D

iSkat 3: für Android und iPhone!

Soulcraft facebook site online!

by Leif Griga 6. July 2011 17:58

The first Soulcraft screenshots are available! Please visit and like it :-)


Soulcraft presented at E3

by Leif Griga 29. June 2011 10:29

Our game Soulcraft using the powerful delta engine was presented at E3 :-) Here is a little impression:


Delta Engine Multiplatform Market Research and Engine Comparison

by Benjamin Nitschke 6. May 2011 07:17

This is the presentation I hold on the Quo Vadis conference in Berlin 2011-05-03.

The topics of this presentation are:

  • Why Multiplatform?
  • Market Analysis
  • Engine Comparison
  • Mobile Development is challenging (10 most important tips)
  • Example Game on iPhone, Android, WP7
  • Our Solution: The Delta Engine

Download the presentation here (11 MB, DeltaEngineMultiplatformDevelopmentPresentation2011-05.ppt).

You can also check out the example game Blocks and its source code on our Delta Engine Examples page.

Benjamin talks on the german developer conference Quo Vadis

by Benjamin Nitschke 29. April 2011 18:06

Benjamin Nitschke (CTO Delta Engine) talks about the Multiplatform Development Market and which solutions are available for developers. The talk is on Tuesday (3th May 2011) at 15:15 in Room 5, see below for details and click the image for more details about the conference:

These are the topics I will talk about:

  • Why Multiplatform?
  • Market Analysis
  • Engine Comparison
  • Mobile Development is challenging
  • Example Game on iPhone, Android, WP7
  • Our Solution: The Delta Engine

The presentation will also be put online Tuesday evening (the talk will be in German, but the presentation is in English).

Happy Easter!

by Leif Griga 21. April 2011 13:56

We wish you all happy easter holidays!

 Wanna search some eggs on your iphone? Play EASTER EGGS



Delta Engine Interview from the CeBIT 2011

by Benjamin Nitschke 14. March 2011 16:51
Here is a small interview I made for Channel 9 / MSDN on the CeBIT 2011 a week ago. It is in German and I am only talking quickly about the Engine and the Soulcraft Tech Demo we showed there.

Original link:

Soulcraft Tech Demo Update for the Mobile World Congress 2011

by Benjamin Nitschke 14. February 2011 20:04
The Soulcraft Tech Demo (see blog entry about the CES Version) has been updated by our team and includes now animation, real-time shadows, a new improved level and lots of other new goodies. It currently runs on Android Tegra devices, but we are working on the same tech demos on other platforms as well, including PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Windows Phone 7 devices till the CeBIT and GDC, where we will present the final version :)

Here is a quick video from the current version. I hope you like it too, pretty cool stuff for a mobile device:
If can compare it with the CES version from a month ago, you can see how much it has improved since :)
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